Joyride to the cabin site

Got a new camera and played with the time lapse of the beautiful drive along the BlueRidge Parkway from Charlotte to the camp site last weekend. Sorry about the dirty windshield 🙂

[wpvideo Gh8WTJJh]

And I know – I promised some cool excavator footage, but instead i just have a picture of the finished product. It doesn’t look like much but actually a lot has happened since the last post. There is quite a bit of ground work that has to be done before the actual structure goes up.

A new survey was done because some of the boundaries were questionable. The septic system is now completely installed and passed inspection last week. You can see the white pipe come out of the ground to which the plumbing lines will be attached.


There are still a bunch of trees that need to be cleared, but the next step is to finalize the design and begin pouring the foundation. I should have the next update in 2 weeks. Maybe with some nice drone footage of the area too.

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  1. Do you plan to rent it out when it is done or live there? I would be interested in coming out. The land is beautiful!

    1. Kent, I’m thinking both to live there for a bit and rent it out when I’m not there. Just got here, will get to work and post more updates. Of course come by whenever you can make time!

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