Clearing Cabin Site


The trees are still mostly bare which is a great time to get started on the clearing. The higher I decide to put the cabin the better the view will be, but the harder the construction. Plumbing lines have to be laid and somehow I have to pump water uphill and get the electricity hooked up. Also, some of the trees are massive and as I will demonstrate below I am massively clueless on the chainsaw.

[wpvideo 0SEkcxMX]
Some of the other trees are really tall, I’ll stay away from them for now and probably leave some of the leaning ones to the pros. I think they might be poplar trees, but not really sure. However, there is plenty of other work to be done. Smaller trees and brushes.


In a few weeks an excavator is coming out and the septic system will be put in. Decided to hire a contractor for that and it’s actually the only thing that requires a permit in Tennessee. It costs $500.00 and the TN Water Resource Department will inspect it, once installed to make sure it meets code.

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