With return of balance I hope to bring people together and share a journey to rediscover what is important in our lives. To inspire each other to live a life of authenticity and face our common fears. To focus less on achievement but more on living a balanced and happy life.

Modern society offers us a vision of striving to improve ourselves and our circumstances through hard work. To make more money, be in physically better shape and gather more admiration from others. These are all valid pursuits, but they never end and happiness has very little to do with this.

Instead, what actually seems to work is a life lived in moderation with an eye towards the bigger picture and keeping wisdom in mind. I only realized this after achieving a certain level of success and noticing that it had absolutely no effect on my happiness.

Instead of success in the world’s eyes, let’s pursue self care first. We don’t need a lot of money for that. Let’s learn about universal rules of life. That all things are impermanent. How to be comfortable with discomfort. How every suffering & painful situation we go through ends up teaching us important lessons in life. Then finally, let’s turn our attention towards others and live a life of service. Ironically, this is the most selfish thing we can do, because it makes us feel the best and give us the most rewards.

This is a place to share stories and the wisdom gained. A place to learn together instead of preaching from a pedestal. Being balanced and happy; this should be our natural state.