Winnie the Pooh, interior progress and why everyone should build their own vacation spots

The cabin project continues…

I have been taking advantage of the down time while things are shut down and made a big dent in finishing the cabin interior. The plumbing is done, electrical connected and now I am working to finish walls, ceilings and floors.

The whole idea behind this project was to have a relaxing place in nature to getaway (really useful right now now), share it with family & friends and rent it out on Airbnb when I am not here. While it has taken much longer than I had planned and was a lot more difficult, I still think it was such a worthwhile project and is great thing for young people to do. Anybody can, I certainly did not have any special building skills when I started, as my friends who have been helping me out will confirm.

Instead of getting into a burdensome mortgage right away, why not build debt free, creating an asset while learning the skills to do it all over again for the next one.

Here is a short video of what I’ve been working on this spring.

The other night I heard a big rumble. I remembered that I left a trash bag outside and thought oh no it must be a racoon tearing up the bag looking for food. I shouldn’t have left it outside. Just before running outside to shoo him away I took a look at the camera and see this big guy sitting by the rock in front of the porch munching on the pepperoni pizza he pulled out of the trash bag… Not a racoon. A Big black bear. He calmly finishes his meal and walks off without a care in the world. Soo the lesson here is not to leave your trash out in the forest unless you want to meet Winnie.

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