Siding, more windows, plumbing, trenches and more

I’ve heard before that professional builders would hurry to finish all of the exterior work before the winter. That would have been a really good move. It’s about 20 degrees outside with a nice breeze from the east.

However, prior to the really cold weather we were able to get a lot of things done. We got a backhoe to come out and dig the trenches for the water and sewer lines. Underground to protect them from freezing. Where the lines come up under the cabin they will be insulated and a heat strip installed which kicks on when the temperatures drop.

I’ve also had great help with putting up the last siding, trim, and setting the windows. Thank you to Fernanda, Joel, Tasch, Nurver and these little carpenters.

The next steps will be pretty exciting. Finally the inside work begins. Next week we will start connecting the bathroom, hook up the fireplace!!! and stove to the gas lines.



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