Bayern, Traditional Cabin Builds, and Tennessee Cabin Progress

Servus aus Bayern!

So, I am here on a work-trip and although that is a lot of fun, progress on the cabin has of course slowed a bit. However, it is sitting nice and dry and once I am done here, I will go straight back to work. Promise. Hopefully we will finish it up this summer. And yes, I know my timeline has been a little off 🙂 Ok, it has been a lot off, but I can’t wait to get it done and share that beautiful little spot with you all.

Meanwhile, I might as well show you some of the really cool cabin construction around the Alps and maybe even take an idea or two back to Tennessee.

There are three different styles that I’ve seen in the area. The first is a really traditional style from a historic museum village. The second is the typical “Bayernhaus”. And the third are more modern cabins, like the ones built on the water in Berchtesgarden.

These are the traditional cabins from the museum village. They were built using hand tools only!  That is of course amazing. As you can see  below, they carved joints in the large wooden beams so that connections can be made without using nails. It looks really cool.

Also another traditional method. I have never seen a roof like this. Rocks on top of shingles and simply held in place by boards. Although it looks really cool, I’m pretty sure this is not the safest way of securing your roof.

Obviously, German windows are the best. I love the opening mechanisms because you can tilt and open all the way. Also the way they are framed and decorated is just really nice.

Up top is the typical Bayernhaus. Obviously super elaborate and maybe not so much to copy here, except for some of the balcony features. Below are the cabins by the water. I love that there is a cabin with horizontal- and another with vertical-siding boards right next to it. This is something I’ve been trying to decide and after seeing this, I think I will go with the horizontal siding on mine.

Ok, that’s it for now, outro with some Bayern dancing 🙂


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