Full time at the cabin retreat

Last week I packed up my little pickup truck and left DC to camp and build full time at the cabin site. The goal was to finish the foundation and get the framing done so the building can be dried in (roof put on) before the winter.

Here is a look at my little setup: outdoor kitchen, tent cover for tools and Deluxe Camper Shell 2000 – including duck tape to stop the rain from getting inside 🙂


It took a little longer than expected but here we are. The foundation is done and work on the flooring/framing has started. I will put together a little video again of the surrounding area and the current build process of course.


It’s been pretty straight- forward work, but the holes had to be 3’ deep, past the frost line and the ground was just full of rocks all the way. Now 16 pressure treated 6×6 posts are in the ground and held in place by a total of 3840 lbs of concrete (240lbs per post) – A lot of digging and mixing. It was also trickier to get the posts lined up perfectly square and level because the lines I used were not attached really well and so it took a lot longer than expected. However, a few days ago the last post was set and the lumber arrived for the framing to begin!


Now the fun part starts! No more digging!

I’ll update next week when there should be more progress on the flooring. I’m using 3/4 “ OSB board for the subfloor and attaching it to 2×6 floor joist 16 inches on center.

Here is another panorama look at the cabin’s current state:


5 thoughts on “Full time at the cabin retreat”

  1. 6 X 6 posts and 3/4 inch OSB boards are heavy, sturdy materials! I know. I have had to carry them. It is exciting to see your building progress. Keep sending!


  2. Super….it is actually getting done….great progress….I like the truck topper and the truck looks great….your “livin in a Van down by the River”….is a good title for a blog article….very good …proud of you…. Dad


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