Tiny Cabin build – Foundation work

Put together a little video to show the progress made last week at the cabin site.

The first two 6×6 foundation posts are in concrete and outline the entrance to the tiny 24×24 cabin.

A huge thank you to Dannie and Donna at the roan creek campground who have been amazing and a huge inspiration for this project!

Also Fernanda! Excellent Camera Woman and Pyromaniac.

10 additional posts still need to be put in the ground but the first ones are always the hardest. So long as we don’t run into giant rocks anymore that work should be finished by the end of July so that we can begin working on framing the structure.

Also, in a few weeks there should be electricity!!

(Henner! Bäume fällen ist gar nicht so einfach. Da gehört viel dazu. Schick mir gerne ein paar tips rüber wenn Du was siehst.)

2 thoughts on “Tiny Cabin build – Foundation work”

  1. Alex,

    Do you have your papers on the septic system? They want them before they will issue electrical permit.



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